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Veronica V.

Craig is awesome and truly the best at what does. He helped me understand the process, answered all my questions and was always super quick to get back to us.


Craig, I am so excited for your success and I can vouch for your character, and the knowledge you guided me with that it really works. You gave me a plan, I stuck to it and now I have a great credit score, credit cards, but no credit debt, and my very first home. These things were not even a possibility in my mind just 2 years ago and now I am looking to build my wealth through investments, thanks for your help, I really appreciate the knowledge you shared.


Hi Craig I’d like to extend a huge thank you to you and your team. I’ve noticed a huge jump in my FICO score. Transunion and Equafax are rising quite a bit already. Will you please now try to focus on Experian credit they are 100 points different and inquiries on Transunion? Have a great day


Craig is awesome definitely great at what he does and love helping others. Always got back to me very fast . Not only helped me and my family but educated us along the way. Great guy all around. Definitely recommend to all family and friends in need of credit repair.


I been trying to repair my credit for years. I first started by trying to do it myself and realized that I don’t have a clue what I was doing, so I tried Lexington Law Firm. I figured they would get things straightened out. Well after 7 months and $127 a month they manage to get one thing deleted, so I gave up on them and my fiance told me about Craig Rice so I gave him a try. After 5 to 15 minutes of listening to him explain things to me, I knew right then he knew what he was talking about. So about a month in I was getting worried that it might not happen, so I called Craig and asked him does he think it’s better to negotiate with the creditors and arrange to pay them? He told me no let’s hold off a few days and the results will be in. Sure thing he was right he got 10 creditors deleted, my credit score was 524 and it jumped to 574, then he help me get a secure card. Once that showed on my credit it jumped to 666 and when I  seen that I was shock.  I was glad I went with patriots, they did an outstanding job and the good thing is, Craig will continue to work with me. I highly recommend this service.


I have been working with a loan officer for a little bit to get approved for my first home but my credit needed help. My loan officer referred me to these amazing people and I am so glad he did. Craig is the absolute BEST. I can’t thank him enough. He has only been working on my credit for a few months and it is already higher then ever. Craig is super patient and always returns my calls and answers all of my questions. I have yet to get my home but I know with Craig I am on the right path. I couldn’t wait to let everyone know that this company is legit and they will do right by you. I will be back in a couple of months when I get my home. Craig again I am so thankful for you and thank you for everything.

Integra Mortgage Corp.

I am a Branch Manager w/Integra Mortgage Corp. I have used many credit repair companies in the past. They would simply work to delete accounts and that is it. PCS did more than that. They would delete accounts, but also build my clients new tradelines. They have their own technique. The owners of this company are by far the new generation of credit repair. They stay in contact, let me know the day my client is able to be approved. I couldn’t be happier.

Rachel H.

He is the guy that delivers as promised the credit score that is needed to get people approved. Love that he always gets right back to clients, and answers all questions. He gets the job done THE RIGHT WAY.


My wife and I used to have a business and failed to keep up on our taxes. We contacted Patriots Credit Services to find out our options. We didn’t know how to get approved to refinance our home. Needless to say, they gave us a free consultation and walked us through what they were able to do. They also helped us with other areas in our credit that we didn’t even know were there. Thanks


Where you have you been all my life??? I have been trying to fix my credit forever and move closer to my family in FL, and now I’m in a great area – Tampa. I love this place, and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Patriots Credit! I owe you!

Daniel H.

I have been involved with Patriots Credit Services for about four months or so and have improved my credit tremendously! I was able to get my family into a much nicer area and better school for my boys because of them. No more worrying every day while I’m at work. Thanks Craig!

Rachel S.

When I first started with you guys, I was in so much debt with my student loans. I didn’t know how I was ever going to be able to pay them off! I went through your free credit analysis and consultation. I was so relieved. You didn’t only take my debt way down but you also removed all of those bad accounts on my credit. I didn’t even know they were there. :o) By the way, my sister and brother in law are coming your way!