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Legal Debt Relief Plan

Providing an attorney to defend you in the event it is necessary, provides peace of mind, which is fundamental on your journey to financial freedom.

Patriot Credit Services provides an attorney through our provided attorney firm, able to defend you in the case of an unsecured creditor lawsuit.  Defense continues all the way through trial, if necessary, with no deductible, co-pay, or plan limitations. The only out-of-pocket expenses are filing fees, if applicable in your county. In addition to debt defense, benefits may include:

  • An attorney to enforce consumer protection laws
  • 25% discount on some of the most used legal services like wills, trusts, document review, traffic tickets, and much more!
  • Involuntary Unemployment Benefit, designed to help you remain enrolled in your Debt Relief Program in the event of Involuntary Unemployment
  • A discount savings platform through an independent third party that grants you access to discounts on subscriptions, insurance, and a lot of other day-to-day products and services
  • Fresh Start Plus Credit Builder (the “FSP Credit Builder”), which will report your monthly debt relief program deposits to the credit bureaus to help balance the negative credit impact a Debt Relief Program could have.