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Repair Your Credit in Just a Few Short Months

From Debt Consolidation to Credit Disputes, WE HANDLE IT ALL





Take Control of Your Credit.

What began with a passion to help others find financial freedom, has become a financial lifeline for over 25 years. Patriots Credit Services is your go-to, trusted partner in nationwide credit repair. Are you overwhelmed by debt or burdened by a low credit score? Like many others, you may be unsure of where to turn or what your options are. The good news is that you can take control of your credit with the help of Patriots Credit Services!


Our team understands the complexities of credit issues and is here to help. Our in-house attorney tackles the challenging situations and our underwriting department provides credit file reviews to ensure you can be confident in your financial decisions.


Our comprehensive services are tailored to your needs, from credit repair and counseling, as well as debt negotiation and student loan consolidation. We’ve also forged partnerships with local mortgage companies and real estate agents to assist in your home buying journey.


Patriots Credit Services takes pride in going above and beyond, using our years of experience to deliver top-notch service, and consistently ranking in the top 2% of the industry.

Credit Advocacy

We advocate for the removal of inaccurate or unfair items from your credit report, leveraging consumer protection laws.

Credit Counseling

We provide guidance and strategies to responsibly manage your credit, rebuild your history, and achieve long-term financial stability.

Debt Negotiation

We negotiate favorable settlement terms with your creditors to reduce your debt burden and regain control of your finances.

Student Loan Consol

We help consolidate your student loans into a manageable payment plan, easing the financial strain.

Don’t wait to take control of your credit! Call our experts at Patriots Credit Services and take the step towards financial freedom.


Credit Advocacy, Resolution & Recovery Program™

Our signature program ensures that you receive comprehensive support to resolve credit issues and recover from financial hardships effectively.

Don’t wait to take control of your credit! Call our experts at Patriots Credit Services and take the step towards financial freedom.

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Our Expert Financial Solutions

How Can We Help?

What Sets Us Apart?

Patriots Credit Services is a certified credit advocacy company that uses FCRA, FDCPA, FACTA, and FCBA to remove inaccurate items from your credit file. This boosts your credit score, increases the approval chances of your financial goals, and saves thousands of dollars in interest, yearly.


Unlike other credit advocacy companies, we go above and beyond traditional dispute methods to deliver exceptional results. And we charge for results, not time, ensuring an affordable, results-driven credit advocacy experience.

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Our Mission

With over 25 years of experience, Patriots Credit Services is dedicated to empowering individuals through comprehensive credit repair and financial solutions. Our team goes beyond traditional dispute methods by directly engaging with collection agencies and creditors to remove inaccurate or unfair items from credit reports. Guided by an attorney, we uphold the highest compliance standards, ensuring legal soundness in all our services.

Beyond credit repair, we provide tailored solutions such as credit counseling and debt negotiation to address your unique financial needs and goals. Our results-based payment structure reflects our commitment to your financial well-being.


Our mission is simple: to be your trusted partner in unlocking your credit potential and fostering positive financial change. Together, we’ll build a brighter financial future.

Our Association

Turning Denied Credit Into Approved Credit

Take the first step towards financial freedom by contacting us today. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in repairing your credit and achieving your financial goals.