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5-Step Process

Credit Repair Consultation

The first step in your credit repair journey starts with a Credit Repair Consultation, which is provided at no cost.  This allows us to analyze your credit report and identify the areas where assistance is needed in order to repair your credit score.  From this, we create a personalized plan to get you started on your journey towards better credit.

Initial Audit

When we reach the second step in the process, you’ll have joined the personalized program, created and tailored to your credit repair needs, and we’ll create what’s called an Initial Audit.  This includes setting up your online client portal, address & social security verification, mandatory credit monitoring enrollment, and crafting and initiating disputes.


We also go above and beyond by disputing with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, contacting your Attorney General’s Office, and reporting to the Better Business Bureau for a thorough investigation.  


Results can be realized in 30-45 days, with maximum benefits in six months, contributing to 30%-35% of your credit score. On average, we delete 50%-75% of inaccurate items in this step.


Patriots Credit Services is committed to providing ongoing support, every step of the way

Build and Establish

Establishing New Lines of Credit is the third step of our comprehensive credit repair process.  While many credit repair companies focus solely on deleting negative accounts and notations, Patriots Credit Services recognizes that building and managing new credit lines play a crucial role in credit repair. We are here to guide and assist you in applying for various types of credit, including:


  • Secured Credit Cards: these serve as a great starting point for rebuilding credit

  • Authorized User Accounts (AU): these can potentially boost your credit profile by having a spouse or family member add you as unauthorized user on their account

  • Credit Card and Installment Builder Accounts: these are specifically designed to help you establish a positive payment history and demonstrate responsible credit usage

  • Auto Loans: we can provide guidance on finding suitable financing options and assist you in the application process

  • Department Store Charge Cards: these can be a valuable addition to your credit portfolio

  • Major Credit Cards: these help establish a solid foundation for a diverse credit mix

  • Merchandise Credit Lines: these allow you to make purchases with specific retailers and contribute to your overall credit profile.


We provide personalized guidance while building and establishing your credit new credit lines; this empowers you to make informed decisions and follow best practices. By incorporating a strategic approach to new credit opportunities, you’re on your way to achieving long-term credit repair success.

Program Graduation

Program Completion and Graduation is the fifth and final step of our credit repair program and marks a significant milestone! At this stage, you possess knowledge and have insights that surpass those of over 75% of consumers in America. You are equipped with tools to confidently navigate your new credit landscape, avoiding collections, late payments, charge-offs, and other negative account activity. Most importantly, you will have the expertise to prevent these issues from appearing on your credit profile. Achieving this level of credit mastery typically takes approximately six months from the time you enroll in our program.


Throughout your credit repair journey with us, we strived to remove as many damaging accounts as possible and build you a fresh credit profile. And now that you have completed our program, you have access to our many trusted partners who are able to assist you in achieving your specific financial goals:

Patriots Credit Services is committed to your long-term success and well-being. Our dedication extends beyond the credit repair process, providing ongoing support and connecting you with valuable resources to help secure your financial future!


  • Real Estate Professionals: whether you are looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate, these reputable real estate professionals specialize in serving clients with diverse needs

  • Mortgage Brokers/Loan Officers: if you require mortgage financing or assistance in refinancing, our knowledgeable mortgage and loan partners can guide you through the process

  • Auto Dealerships: when in need of a new vehicle or seeking auto financing options, these auto dealerships provide excellent customer service and tailored solutions

  • Business Loan/Merchant Advances: for business owners seeking financing options or merchant advances, these reliable providers understand and can meet the unique needs of entrepreneurs

  • Accountants/Financial Planners: to further strengthen your financial well-being, experienced accountants and financial planners offer expert guidance and support

  • Banks/Credit Unions: these trustworthy banks and credit unions offer a wide range of financial services, from basic banking to specialized credit products

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