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I been trying to repair my credit for years. I first started by trying to do it myself and realized that I don’t have a clue what I was doing, so I tried Lexington Law Firm. I figured they would get things straightened out. Well after 7 months and $127 a month they manage to get one thing deleted, so I gave up on them and my fiance told me about Craig Rice so I gave him a try. After 5 to 15 minutes of listening to him explain things to me, I knew right then he knew what he was talking about. So about a month in I was getting worried that it might not happen, so I called Craig and asked him does he think it’s better to negotiate with the creditors and arrange to pay them? He told me no let’s hold off a few days and the results will be in. Sure thing he was right he got 10 creditors deleted, my credit score was 524 and it jumped to 574, then he help me get a secure card. Once that showed on my credit it jumped to 666 and when I  seen that I was shock.  I was glad I went with patriots, they did an outstanding job and the good thing is, Craig will continue to work with me. I highly recommend this service.