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Welcome to Patriots Credit Services!

Are you looking to partner with a top-tier credit repair company that delivers exceptional results? At Patriots Credit Services, we are proud to stand out in the industry with our unique approach and unparalleled success rate. Our CEO, Craig Rice, along with our dedicated team of experts, are here to ensure that your clients get the best possible outcomes.

Why, Partner with Patriots Credit Services?

Expertise and Excellence:Under the leadership of Craig Rice, an OCCAM advisory board member, Patriots Credit Services is in the top 2% of the credit repair industry. Our team includes legal experts, home loan underwriters, credit specialists, and debt negotiators, ensuring comprehensive and precise handling of any credit situation.


Comprehensive Services:
We offer a unique “Pay-Per-Delete” model, meaning you and your clients only pay after we deliver results. This ensures accountability and performance. Additionally, we provide a 100% money-back guarantee if we don’t achieve the desired outcomes.


Proven Results:
Typically, credit improvements are seen within about 3 months, depending on the severity of the credit profile. Our approach has consistently turned denied prospects into approved borrowers, significantly enhancing our partners’ loan approval rates.


Strong Industry Relationships:
We work with most of the top lending institutions, making us a trusted partner for turning challenging credit profiles into success stories.

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Join the Patriots Credit Services network and start offering your clients the best in credit repair. Your partnership with us means you can trust that your clients are in capable hands, and you can look forward to seeing more approvals and satisfied customers.

Craig is AMAZING! As a Realtor, I’m approached by many folks looking to realize the dream of home ownership, and often times their credit falls short. I’ve seen him transform someone whose credit appeared hopeless, and make it possible- on NUMEROUS occasions!

Lindsay C - 815 Realty Group / Key Realty