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I began my career in finance and credit in early 1999 working in the mortgage industry. I focused my career on helping clients with credit issues qualify for financing. During my time in the mortgage industry I developed the skills and knowledge to start helping my clients improve their credit reports. I was hooked!

From within the mortgage industry I started working with my clients to focus on repairing their credit. That was over 20 Years Ago! Since that time I have had the privilege of opening several offices in Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles. This has afforded me the experience of running a team to take care of my clients.

Marketing in the Industry

Part of my passion in the credit industry is education. I have had the privilege of speaking at multiple conventions and seminars with hundreds of attendees. I use my time and experience to coach Real Estate Agents, Lenders, Loan Officers, Insurance Agents, and even Attorneys on understanding credit.

Patriots Credit Services is currently a member of the CCA, Credit Consultants Association and the National Association of Credit Services Organizations. It is our way of staying compliant and educated with all the changes in our industry!

Contact me directly at 312-878-8736 x1000, or email me at Craig@PatriotsCreditServices.com

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