Patriots Credit Services (PCS) and it’s owner Craig Rice (#CreditCraig) has been changing peoples lives for over 25 years! 

He began his financial career in 1996, then shortly thereafter, in 1997 working in the Credit & Mortgage industry. He focused in on helping clients with credit issues qualify for financing. During his time in the mortgage industry, he developed the skills and knowledge to start helping my clients improve their credit reports. He was hooked!

From within the mortgage industry, and licensed with the Office of Banks & Real Estate, he started working with his clients to focus in on repairing their credit. Since that time, he has had the privilege of opening several offices in Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles. This has afforded him the experience of running a team to take care of his clients.

About Us

Get the credit counseling or debt help you need from experts you can TRUST. Email, call or stop by one of our offices today to discuss your debts and credit issues.

We are of the 12 companies in an industry of almost 100,000; that became an Advisory Board Members of the Organization of Compliant Credit Account Managers.
This is the HIGHEST achievement or the Crème de la Crème of the credit repair industry!