Cory Jeffries

Cory Jeffries is a well-known veteran of the mortgage industry in the Tampa Bay area. With more than 15 years of experience in originating, managing and business development, Cory has extensive knowledge of all aspects of the mortgage industry. Throughout his career, he has served in various roles and has excelled in each of them. As the Regional VP of Sales at AFN, Cory plays an integral role in many aspects of the American Financial Networks branches across the Tampa Bay Area.

With $300M(+) in mortgages closed individually, and $1 Billion (+) in branch production, his goal is to continue to excel in leadership, sales, and development. His team works hand-in-hand with several organizations, charities, and networks throughout the Tampa Bay Area that assure they continue to build lasting relationships within the community. This resonates throughout every aspect of the business model to ensure the Tampa Bay Area team is looking out for every person both in inside and outside our organization.


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