Chuck Schwartz

Chuck Schwartz is a seasoned professional in the financial industry, with an impressive track record spanning over 25 years. His expertise lies in credit, real estate and lending, where he has successfully built a portfolio of 354 referral partners. With a strong focus on acquiring new referral partners and bringing in new clients, Chuck has established himself as a trusted name in the industry.


Understanding credit inside out, Chuck not only teaches it but also lives by its principles. He firmly believes that education plays a pivotal role in credit and finances, and he consistently emphasizes its importance to his clients. Throughout his career, Chuck has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills by managing a diverse team of 46 men and women in the salesforce. His ability to transform denied prospects into approved borrowers has resulted in significant success for both his team and his clients.



Outside of his professional endeavors, Chuck cherishes his 53-year marriage to his beloved wife Beverly. Together, they have raised two sons, David and Adam, and take joy in the presence of their two grandsons, Gabe and Augie. One of Chuck’s most fulfilling accomplishments lies in his dedication to helping young individuals qualify for home loans. Additionally, he has been instrumental in assisting business owners in acquiring corporate credit to fuel the growth of their ventures. Chuck’s business clients often achieve a minimum of $50,000 in business credit and benefit from a range of business loans at highly reasonable rates.

Despite his busy schedule, Chuck makes it a priority to maintain an active lifestyle. He enjoys the exhilaration of dancing with his wife, Beverly, and frequently participates in activities such as running and shooting hoops. Through his commitment to staying active, Chuck finds balance and energy to excel in his professional and personal life.

With an unwavering passion for helping others achieve their financial goals and a deep understanding of credit and finance, Chuck Schwartz is a trusted advisor and an invaluable asset to his clients. He looks forward to not only assisting them but also learning more about their unique stories and aspirations.

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