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Billing & Payment Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms and Conditions


Program Enrollment and Audit Fees

  1. Initial Audit Fees: Payment of audit fees is required at the time of enrollment. Services will commence only after the client’s fee has been processed and cleared through our corporate account. The audit fee will be disclosed during the enrollment process. Typically, the audit or enrollment fee is $499, which can be divided into two installments to accommodate the client’s financial needs.

Billing for Services Rendered

  1. Performance-Based Billing: Clients are billed exclusively for items that have been successfully deleted from their credit report in the preceding month.

Flexible Payment Options

  1. Payment Plans: In instances where a client incurs over $100 in fees within a single month due to a significant number of deletions, the option to spread this cost over time through a payment plan with Patriots Credit Services is available. This allows for manageable, incremental payments.

  2. Minimum Monthly Payments: The minimum amount due each month is $100 for an individual and $169 for a couple, or the total balance on the client’s account if it is less. This ensures that payments remain feasible for our clients.

Service Duration

  1. Service Limitation: Services will not be extended beyond a 12-month period to ensure a focused and timely approach to credit repair.

Additional Terms

  • Credit Monitoring Requirement: Continuous credit monitoring with one of our approved providers is obligatory for the entirety of the program. Failure to maintain active credit monitoring will result in a monthly fee of $100.

  • Personal Information Correction: There is no charge for the deletion or correction of inaccurate personal information, such as incorrect names, dates of birth, addresses, Social Security numbers, or employers, from any credit bureau.

Fee Structure for Specific Deletions

  • Inquiries: A $25 fee applies for the deletion of any credit inquiry from any bureau.

  • Standard Items: A $50 fee is charged for the deletion or repair of any standard item not categorized as a public record, reported by creditors or collection agencies.

  • Foreclosure: Deleting or repairing any foreclosure-related item is subject to a $100 fee.

  • Public Records: The deletion of public records, including judgments, tax liens, or bankruptcies, from the client’s credit report incurs a $100 fee.

Pricing Definitions

A fee is incurred for each deletion or repair, defined as the transition of an item from negative to positive status. An item is considered repaired only if all negative information is fully removed. Pricing applies per item, per bureau. Each deletion from a bureau constitutes a single deletion, while the removal of an account or public record from all three credit bureaus counts as three deletions.